Laminate Veneers are the most minimal invasive restorations in dentistry! They are only as thick as a contact lens.

They have no infrastructure. They are made by only porcelain or composite resins and fixed to front side of your tooth.

* Laminate Veneers are used to rehabilitate stained, crooked or chipped teeth.

* Also gaps between anterior teeth could be restored with Laminate Veneers.

* Laminate Veneers are used on only anterior teeth, and they could not be used as bridge or replace Missing Tooth.

Laminate Veneers

Price : 200 €/per crown

              Estimated Treatment Time:

  7-10 Days

  • Your treatment will be done under local anesthesia with no pain.

  • During treatment process, you will use Free Temporary Crowns/Bridges with no charge.

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